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 Conversion Migration Transformation Management System. An industrial approach to migration issues. AN INDUSTRIAL APPROACH TO MIGRATION ISSUES

Conversion Migration : The solution to your computer conversion problems. Mainframe Migration. System Transformation. Data Conversion. Database Migration. IBM, BULL, UNIX, ICL, MVS, VSE, AIX, AS400, GCOS7, GCOS8  Cobol, PL1, Assembleur, Ideal, Natural, GMAP, PACBASE, ARIANE, Focus, Nomad, Ramis, SAS, Easytreve, Generol, CICS, TCAM, TDS, IMS, IDMS, DL1, DB2, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Datacom, Adabas. THE SOLUTION TO YOUR COMPUTER CONVERSION PROBLEMS

Successful transformation depends on proper planning. Conversion Migration works closely with you to identify and meet the requirements of your project. Overestimating these requirements will result in costly overstaffing; underestimating them will result in missed deadlines and expensive delays. Your active involvement at the study stage is therefore crucial. The project history collected by Conversion Migration allows us to plan on the basis of experience. Conversion Migration speed up and simplify the overall definition of the project by summarizing an inventory of all objects to be transformed. Tasks are defined and standards are established for the migrated programs. An appropriate migration schedule is worked out based on project priorities, the development and maintenance schedules in your shop, and your plans for releasing old equipment and installing new equipment. Working closely together during study and planning, we cooperate in organizing the various tasks and batching the programs for a convenient and smooth implementation. Conversion Migration begins each new project with an emphasis on STUDY. Our wide experience has shown that an in-depth understanding of your requirements and constraints can eliminate costly repetition and unnecessary effort.


Migration Methodology. Migration Phases. Detailed Study Phase.

Project Scope

Study Evaluation Report


Project leader
Project leader CLIENT


Automatic batching
Batch Scheduling
Batch Planning

Batch Description
General Planning

Conversion Migration Batching tools
Conversion Migration Scheduling tools

Project leader
Project leader CLIENT

Production Manager CLIENT


Transformation Rules
Test Strategy
Implementation Strategy

Analysis of client specific requirements
Applications Study

Test Strategy

  Project leader
Project Leader CLIENT

Area Manager CLIENT
Application Manager CLIENT
Organization Organizing people and resources

Transformation Guide

  Project leader
Project leader CLIENT


Pilot committee.

The pilot committee is the decisional organ of the migration project. It meets, generally, once a month. Its members, as well from Client or from Conversion Migration, have the necessary authority to take all the decisions allowing a normal execution of the project. The Project Managers and Project Leaders participate to this committee.
Its objectives are:

. fixing the major orientations of the project, assuring decisions are made and arbitrating the budgets and global planning for the project.
. assuring the technical, financial and organizational control of the project and constituting a decisional body for the following:

the work achieved and actions taken for the past period    
the accomplishment of objectives   
the actions for improving/maintaining the quality of the project   
the risk management   
the approval and the acceptance of work accomplished   
the change requests
the litigations between actors   
the work / actions for the period to come

Project committee.

This committee meets, generally, once every two weeks in order to review the project.
The project leaders and any other persons necessary to the review.

The objective is to review the operational aspects:

the work / actions and events of the past period
the current anomalies
the potential problems
the work / actions for the period to come

Working meetings.

Some work is organized upon request when a topic is presented, discussed or validated with a technical or organizational interlocutor from either of the two partners.

Conversion migration project phases.

Migration Phases

Migration Phases. MIGRATION PHASES

Migration Preliminary Study Phase.

Migration Preliminary Study Phase. PRELIMINARY STUDY PHASE

Migration Detailed Study Phase.

Migration Detailed Study Phase. DETAILED STUDY PHASE

Migration Prototype Phase.

Migration Prototype Phase. PROTOTYPE PHASE

Migration Industrial Translation Phase.

Migration Industrial Translation Phase. TRANSLATION PHASE

Migration Implementation Phase.

Migration Implementation Phase. IMPLEMENTATION PHASE