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 Conversion Migration Transformation Management System. An industrial approach to migration issues. AN INDUSTRIAL APPROACH TO MIGRATION ISSUES

Conversion Migration : The solution to your computer conversion problems. Mainframe Migration. System Transformation. Data Conversion. Database Migration. IBM, BULL, UNIX, ICL, MVS, VSE, AIX, AS400, GCOS7, GCOS8  Cobol, PL1, Assembleur, Ideal, Natural, GMAP, PACBASE, ARIANE, Focus, Nomad, Ramis, SAS, Easytreve, Generol, CICS, TCAM, TDS, IMS, IDMS, DL1, DB2, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Datacom, Adabas. THE SOLUTION TO YOUR COMPUTER CONVERSION PROBLEMS

Conversion Migration has invested heavily in the development of an extensive library of software tools for automating many aspects of conversion and data migration. Our investment in procedures, software, programming and computer usage makes the migration process available for most source and target combinations.

Conversion Migration Knowledgebase and Repository. Conversion Migration Repository

Conversion Migration Transformation Management System. Conversion Migration KnowledgeBase and Repository.

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Data Conversion
Database Migration
System Transformation

Migration Tools. Source Analyzers, Program Translaters, Generators, Comparison and Simulation Tools.

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Migration Phases

Migration Phases. MIGRATION PHASES


Migration Conversion FAQ. MIGRATION FAQ


Repository All of the information extracted from your source libraries is stored in a database called the Conversion Migration Repository or simply the Conversion Migration database, which is an open SQL Server industry standard relational database. Conversion Migration keep a complete inventory of all sources, data files and databases to be migrated. This will ensure that all is known and that all of these objects are migrated.
Source Analyzers Conversion Migration analyzers are modules specialized by language (more than thirty : IBM, MVS, VM, VSE, AS400, AIX, BULL, GCOS, ICL, UNIX, COBOL, PL1, PLI, CPL1, ASSEMBLY, FORTRAN, RPG, GAP, GMAP, SAS, NATURAL, ADL, IDEAL, AIDA, TELON, PACBASE, ARIANE, GENEROL, RAMIS, FOCUS, NOMAD, REXX, EASYTRIEVE, SYSIF, IMS/DB, DLI, DL1, IDS2, IDMS, IDMS/R, DDS, SQL, DB2, PROTEE, QMF, ADABAS, DATACOM, SYSBASE, ORACLE, CA-UNIVERS, IMS/DC, IDMS/DC, DM4TP, TDS, TP8, TCAM, CICS, CA-SCHEDULER, CONTROL-M, OPC, PSS, ...). The language identification is automatic or directed by the file name extension. Each time necessary, a new analyzer is developed, added to the existing ones and available for use after installation.
Program Packaging This function is reserved for specially trained personnel. It concerns the packaging (batching) of coherent subsets of objects being batched together for the purpose of migrating objects from one environment to another. Sets of related schedules, jobs, programs, subroutines, copies, includes, user macros, user exits, files, databases, areas, tables, records, ... are grouped together.
Source Comparison Conversion Migration comparison tools are used to compare the versions of programs installed in the different sites, showing the significant differences between environments. A first step is executed from an Conversion Migration SQL table of the source lines or formatted statements to select only the necessary sources for a detailed compare.
Source Translaters Conversion Migration Transformation tools are used to optimize the automated translation and procedures. Using special software and management techniques, Conversion Migration decreases the time needed for SCHEDULER, JCL, PROGRAM, SCREEN, REPORT, FILE and DATABASE conversion.
JCL Generators Conversion Migration Generators automates many of the repetitive task associated with generating job control language procedures, generating database unload, format and load programs.
Screen Capture Capturing the before and after screen images while executing the scenario, in a readable text format for the following tests stage.
Data Preparation Conversion Migration offers effective techniques and software for extracting or generating small, manageable test files. These files ensure efficient, comprehensive testing and avoid costly reruns during implementation. Conversion Migration not only helps to produce comprehensive test data, but also helps to reduce data preparation time. Conversion Migration add code to the existing programs to ensure that data and results are captured. In TP systems, this will capture screen input and response. In batch systems this will capture only records that cause a different path to be taken.
Code Coverage Percentage of execution is measured during preparation or, as required, after translation. Even if the output files match, the program may still be inadequately tested if the test data exercise only a fraction of the program code. Conversion Migration therefore identifies any unexecuted code, making it possible to prepare additional data. For each program Conversion Migration show how much code has been exercised so that extra, necessary test data can be added.
Data Testing For every test, Conversion Migration compares the output of the transformed program with the converted output of the original program and flags any mismatches for the correction. We make sure that the migrated programs will produce output functionally equivalent to that produced by the original programs. Testing in a migration is required to ensure that, given the same input, the programs and applications will produce the same output as their pre-migrated counterparts. This does not necessarily mean that the output is correct, only that it is the same. The principle is that if there are bugs in the program prior to the migration, the same bugs will be there after the migration. Any attempt to stray from this, will result in adding time and expense to the migration project.
Data Comparison
Database Comparison
Conversion Migration produces a readable comparison of the output of the transformed program with that of the original program, pinpointing any discrepancies. The format permits to determine the exact position of mismatches and discerns error patterns at a glance
Implementation Conversion Migration carefully prepare each transformed program for transition to your production environment. Conversion Migration assists in the transfer of each batch of completed programs to your environment.