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 Conversion Migration Transformation Management System. An industrial approach to migration issues. AN INDUSTRIAL APPROACH TO MIGRATION ISSUES

Conversion Migration : The solution to your computer conversion problems. Mainframe Migration. System Transformation. Data Conversion. Database Migration. IBM, BULL, UNIX, ICL, MVS, VSE, AIX, AS400, GCOS7, GCOS8  Cobol, PL1, Assembleur, Ideal, Natural, GMAP, PACBASE, ARIANE, Focus, Nomad, Ramis, SAS, Easytreve, Generol, CICS, TCAM, TDS, IMS, IDMS, DL1, DB2, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Datacom, Adabas. THE SOLUTION TO YOUR COMPUTER CONVERSION PROBLEMS

Some specific aspects of the source environment need to be implemented in the parameterized parts of the Conversion Migration Transformation tools in order to optimize the automated translation and procedures. The different actors of the project organization must become familiar with the tools and procedures they will use. The "pilot" batch of programs serves this purpose. This prototype set of programs will consist of programs that are representative of the technical differences within the entire inventory. Conversion Migration uses an extensive library of specialized software (analyzers, generators, translators, simulation tools) and advanced programming & testing methods (quality measurement, source compare, database and file comparison tools). We make sure that the migrated programs will produce output functionally equivalent to that produced by the original programs. Conversion Migration offers an integrated approach to convert existing systems to new environments. Using special software and management techniques, it decreases the time needed for JCL, PROGRAM, SCREEN, REPORT, FILE and DATABASE conversion. The transformation process helps to achieve the needed changes in programming languages, program structures, operating systems, data communications and data management, while preserving processing logic.


Migration Methodology. Migration Phases. Prototype Phase.

Conversion Migration translators and generators are adjusted for each project as necessary.


Conversion Migration
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Pilot batch processing

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Conversion migration project phases.

Migration Phases

Migration Phases. MIGRATION PHASES

Migration Preliminary Study Phase.

Migration Preliminary Study Phase. PRELIMINARY STUDY PHASE

Migration Detailed Study Phase.

Migration Detailed Study Phase. DETAILED STUDY PHASE

Migration Prototype Phase.

Migration Prototype Phase. PROTOTYPE PHASE

Migration Industrial Translation Phase.

Migration Industrial Translation Phase. TRANSLATION PHASE

Migration Implementation Phase.

Migration Implementation Phase. IMPLEMENTATION PHASE