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 Conversion Migration Transformation Management System. An industrial approach to migration issues. AN INDUSTRIAL APPROACH TO MIGRATION ISSUES

Conversion Migration : The solution to your computer conversion problems. Mainframe Migration. System Transformation. Data Conversion. Database Migration. IBM, BULL, UNIX, ICL, MVS, VSE, AIX, AS400, GCOS7, GCOS8  Cobol, PL1, Assembleur, Ideal, Natural, GMAP, PACBASE, ARIANE, Focus, Nomad, Ramis, SAS, Easytreve, Generol, CICS, TCAM, TDS, IMS, IDMS, DL1, DB2, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Datacom, Adabas. THE SOLUTION TO YOUR COMPUTER CONVERSION PROBLEMS

This phase will provide Computer System Services with the necessary knowledge of the characteristics of the source information system, its environment and its components. The technical choices for migration in the target environment will be evaluated according their opportunities in this context as well as the different constraints given by Client.

Conversion Migration speeds up and simplifies the overall definition of the migration project by producing an inventory of all objects to be transformed.
The Conversion Migration system will keep a complete inventory of all sources, data files and databases to be migrated. This will ensure that all is known and that all of these objects are migrated.

Using the Conversion Migration inventory, the number and complexity of procedures, programs, transactions, screens, reports, databases, tables and files are carefully identified, as are program translations and any special considerations ( house-made access methods and modules) .


Migration Methodology. Migration Phases. Preliminary Study Phase.


Study of the technical environment
Conversion Migration tools installation and customization
Components localization and identification


Project leader
Project leader CLIENT
Technical engineer
Standards Manager CLIENT


Components Collection
Conversion Migration Inventory

Cross references
Missing components
Unreferenced components
Inventory Results

Conversion Migration Inventory tools

Area Manager CLIENT

Inventory delivery


Conversion Migration inventory
Conversion Migration Repository

Project Leader CLIENT
Evaluation Evaluation Report

Evaluation Report
Project Scope
Data dictionary
Detailed components list


Conversion migration project phases.

Migration Phases

Migration Phases. MIGRATION PHASES

Migration Preliminary Study Phase.

Migration Preliminary Study Phase. PRELIMINARY STUDY PHASE

Migration Detailed Study Phase.

Migration Detailed Study Phase. DETAILED STUDY PHASE

Migration Prototype Phase.

Migration Prototype Phase. PROTOTYPE PHASE

Migration Industrial Translation Phase.

Migration Industrial Translation Phase. TRANSLATION PHASE

Migration Implementation Phase.

Migration Implementation Phase. IMPLEMENTATION PHASE